Why Sponsor?

Unrivalled networking opportunities:

We qualify the attendees to ensure you spend your day creating valuable contacts and having productive meetings with decision makers from across the humanitarian aid and development sector. Make use of our introduction service to key target organisations and facilitate the growth of new relationships.

Reaffirm your global thought leadership:

Stand out in the crowd. Be seen as part of an esteemed, handpicked group of global industry leaders and educate key organisations from UN agencies, national governments, donors, relief agencies and NGOs, who are looking to learn from your expertise.

Grow brand recognition and expand your digital footprint:

Position yourself as a supporter of this important initiative with branding opportunities.

Initiate business partnerships:

Being part of the AIDF Global Summit, gives your business the opportunity to forge valuable relationships and find out what your customer wants.

Influence the market thinking:

Be the go-to advisor for sustainable and socially responsible investing by forming part of crucial discussions with asset owners, asset managers, project developers, government and UN figures who shape policy measures and investments priorities.

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Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors & Partners